• Novarc participated in 21st buildingSMART forum


    In the construction of buildings we give priority to functionality. The buildings must be as man- and environmentally friendly as possible in the first place, later shaped into aesthetic volume. Novarc is constantly seeking best user experience of a building throughout its life cycle: in addition to aesthetics there is functionality, economy, environmental and energy saving along with overall benefit and satisfaction.

    In the process of achieving our goals, Novarc participated in the 21.-st buildingSMART Forum. It took place on Friday, October 27, 2017 at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin. The top-class lectures of international speakers were dedicated to the focal topic Lifecycle BIM. Planners, building contractors, large builders and portfolio holders, as well as facility management experts, demonstrated in their presentations the great benefits of the BIM method for sustainability and cost optimization in buildings and facilities – throughout their lifecycle.

    The participants collected valuable trend-setting and applicable knowledge from lifecycle BIM.

    Event: buildingsmart.de


  • A topping-out ceremony of Tallinn new court house was held


    On 10 November the topping-out ceremony of the new courthouse erected at Lubja St 4, Tallinn was held. It marked the building had reached its height and the contractor was thanked for their fine work so far. According to folk tradition the ceremony serves a means of establishing good relations with house spirits and provides it good luck.

    The author of the architectural part of the building is Arhitektuuristuudio Siim & Kreis OÜ (authors Andres Siim and Kristel Ausing), interior design comes from Pille Lausmäe Sisearhitektuuri Büroo OÜ, design from Novarc Group AS (principal architect Lauri Laisaar). The building will be completed in the spring of 2018.

    See also RKAS

  • Kristiine Shopping Centre will be renovated


    Extensive renovation works will start in Kristiine Shopping Centre in November. Both exterior and interior will undergo a major change.

    The design was prepared by Novarc Group, architectural concept and interior design by Benoy (UK).

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  • „Tagurpidi Maja“: an Upside Down House in Estonia


    Over the years we have seen prefabricated timber houses of all shapes and kinds… but we were yet to see one that stands on its roof.

    Architect: Indrek Taukar
    Structural Engineer for steel: Andrei Balash (Novarc)
    Main contractor: Q-haus Baltic OÜ

    katus.eu: http://katus.eu/news/tagurpidi-maja-upside-down-house-tartu


  • Viimsi state gymnasium. Main contractor’s contract signed


    On 2 October 2017 Priit Püss, construction manager for Riigi Kinnisvara AS, and Marek Hergauk, member of the board of AS Merko Infra signed the contract for construction of Viimsi state gymnasium. This is the first state gymnasium in Harju County.

    The design was prepared by Novarc Group AS in cooperation with KAMP Arhitektid OÜ.

    RKAS: http://rkas.ee/riigi-kinnisvarast/uudised/allkirjastati-viimsi-riigigumnaasiumi-ehituse-peatoovotuleping

    Ehitusuudised: http://www.ehitusuudised.ee/uudised/2017/10/02/merko-allkirjastas-viimsi-riigigumnaasiumi-ehituslepingu

  • A topping-out ceremony of an office building was held in Ülemiste City


    A topping-out ceremony of the office building located at Lõõtsa St 12 in Ülemiste City was held. The building has reached its final height, 45 m. This is the maximum height allowed in the vicinity of the airport. From the windows a view opens to the airport and Lake Ülemiste. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Urve Palo. The building will be completed in the first half of 2018.

    The architect of the building is Ilmar Klammer from Novarc Group

    Ehitus²: http://ehitusruudus.delfi.ee/kinnisvara/leed-gold-sertifikaadi-standardite-jargi-valmiv-liwentaali-buroohoone-on-saavutanud-oma-maksimumkorguse-vaata-piltidelt-avanevat-vaadet-linnale-ja-len?id=79468166

    Ehitusuudised: http://www.ehitusuudised.ee/uudised/2017/09/12/ulemiste-citys-peeti-lennujaamavaatega-buroohoone-sarikapidu?utm_source=smaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12.09.2017&utm_term=newsletter&utm_content=newslink&kmi=marika.utkin@novarc.ee&kme=Clicked+E-mail+Link

  • Juhkentali office complex will feature a 111 m high-rise building


    E.L.L. Real Estate has launched an invited international architectural competition with the aim of finding the best architectural solution to the Juhkentali office complex featuring the tallest high rise building in Estonia. The estimated investment will be 100 Mio euro. Commencement of the construction works is planned in 2019.

    The participants are SpaceGroup Company from Norway in cooperation with Novarc Group from Estonia; Fletcher Priest Architects from the UK in cooperation with Arhitekt 11 from Estonia; Estonian architect Martin Aunin; Arhitektuuribüroo JVR; Alver Arhitektid; Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid; KOKO Arhitektid; M. Pressi Arhitektuuribüroo. The winning work will be announced in January 2018.

    Ehitusuudised: http://www.ehitusuudised.ee/uudised/2017/09/07/juhkentali-kvartalisse-tuleb-111-meetrine-arihoone

    E.L.L. Real Estate: http://www.ell-realestate.com/en/business-segment/juhkentali-office-complex/

  • Merko laid the corner stone for the new building of the Air Traffic Control Center


    Keit Paal, the Chairman of Board of Merko Ehitus Eesti; Taivo Linnamägi, the Director of Aviation and Maritime Department at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia and the Board of Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS laid today the corner stone to the new building of the Estonian Air Navigation Center

    Architectural design comes from KAMP Arhitektid and engineering design from Novarc Group.

    Ehitusuudised: http://www.ehitusuudised.ee/uudised/2017/08/28/merko-pani-nurgakivi-lennujuhtimiskeskuse-uuele-hoonele

    See also EANS: http://www.eans.ee/en/archives/3316

  • Latvian and Dutch architects won the Old Harbour bridge competition


    Port of Tallinn Ltd. launched an architectural competition for the Old Harbour bridge. The winning work Under keyword „New Balance 100“ came from SIA „WITTEVEEN + BOS LATVIA“. 

    The competition work was submitted by SIA Witteveen+Bos Latvia. The architect is Robbert-Jan van der Veen from Plein06. Novarc Group AS is involved as local consultant. The work was awarded first price and the client intends to launch a closed negotiated tender for the design.


    Tallinna Sadam


  • Construction works for reconditioning of town centers is starting all over Estonia


    The mission project EV100 “Good Public Space” launched by the Association of Estonian Architects four years ago is coming to an end. The reconditioning of the first town center, Tõrva will start in the end of July. All 15 town centers are expected to to be reconditioned by 2020, within the period of the anniversary programme “Republic of Estonia 100”.


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