• Novarc in the board of the Digital Construction Cluster



    The new board of the cluster has been active for a couple of months and created a good teamwork spirit. Within the period we have set the goal of increasing the number of members as well as enhancing cooperation with national organisations and associations. The increasing number of involver parties allows us to boost development activities and consecutively raise our level in digital world. In coming years we aim at enhancing the visibility and image of Estonian construction sector on international level. First steps include cooperation with BuildingSmart and preparations for Dubai Expo – together with digital Estonia.

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    Digital Construction Cluster

  • Novarc on BIMsummit 2019



    On 11 April the third BIMsummit will take place. This is an expert-to-expert conference addressing burning actual topics and future visions of BIM and digital construction.

    Novarc will be represented by Mihkel Kaesveld with “The Fine Art of BIM” sharing the experience from the first project procured on basis of RKAS’s new BIM requirements.

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  • Sketch for the new block of psychiatric clinic approved



    Tallinn Urban Planning Department approved the sketch for the new building of the North Estonia Medical Centre psychiatric clinic. The general designer is Novarc Group, architect Arhitektibüroo Vaarpuu & Kõll, interior designer Pille Lausmäe Sisearhitektuuri Büroo.

    In the design of the new, approx. 22000 m² building, BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology and Big Room process management concept is applied. Within the project the client and designer collaborate in a common data environment.

    See the news and sketch on North Estonia Medical Centre web page

  • Novarc on Building Technology Conference



    Virgo Sulakatko, Member of the Board

    For the professionals of the field, new technological solutions and development of digital building information is daily routine. Virgo Sulakatko from Novarc moderated the Building Technology Conference, this time titled „Time is money, let’s build and design more efficiently“. We are happy to acknowledge the extension of the implementation of new technologies and an increased circle of development partners.

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  • Novarc’s message to conference „Energy efficient building“


    Kaitis Väär, Chairman of the Board

    On the significance of design phase within the construction process of an energy efficient building, see interview with Kaitis Väär.

    On 19 March the conference “Energy efficient building” arranged by Ehitusuudised will take place. It will give an overview of today’s hot topics – the latest developments in near zero energy buildings and energy saving solutions.

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  • Novarc on seminar „Building life cycle“


    RKAS_elukaarOn 14 February a seminar “Buiding life cycle” arranged by RKAS (State Real Estate) took place. It was aimed at architects, consulting engineers, contractors and performers of owner supervision. The goal was to gather and share ideas on providing the best end-user experience.

    The seminar was concluded with a panel discussion featuring among others Kaitis Väär, Chairman of the Board of Novarc.

    For more see RKAS

  • Digital twins as practised in Norway



    Novarc’s team: Marko Tosso, Mihkel Kaesveld, Virgo Sulakatko, Kaitis Väär, Karl Orumets, Gerd Herman Veeber. Photo taken by Aleksandr Sepp

    Novarc’s team and Norwegian opinion leaders in digitalisation of construction sector shared experience and discussed developments and perspectives of the built environment. Innovation as per examples provided by Statsbygg, Cobuilder, Catenda and Tønsberg hospital contribute to the capacity for application of digital data in Europe.

    In December a team on ten from Novarc spent two days in Norway to meet opinion leaders in digitalisation of construction. Among the topics discussed were the data required for the owner’s digital twin, the impact of digitalisation of teamwork in the construction process as well as integration of construction material industry in the common data world.


    Meeting in Statsbygg

    Facilitation of construction activities and property operation through digitalisation is changing the whole business and future-oriented companies see an opportunity of benefiting from the building data. Statsbygg, the owner, client and operator of the biggest Norwegian construction projects, is a leading modern property manager who is continually changing tomorrow’s construction market. The use of digital building data allows its owner to cut expenses by 25% over the life cycle. This sets an extra focus on the financial value of the smart decisions made in the initial phase of the project. For better structure of the data, a new BIM manual (V2.0) is underway. This will create the basis for model-based procurement and contracts. Data processing goals include among other things efficient room utilisation, flexibility of alterations and environmentally friendly construction, the latter a special focus in Nordic countries.

    A major role in the process is the selection of procurement type and its impact on the result. Value-based criteria enable to propose elaborated solutions leading further to reasonable expenses. The common approach is to decrease the cost component and increase the share of provided value. The Tønsberg hospital project was planned as IPD („Integrated Project Delivery“) from scratch. The client, contractor and designer set goals for the building and costs after completion of the preliminary design. This type of contract motivated the whole team to collaboration and collective interest in the project. The savings gained by applying best solutions and simultaneously minimising the construction cost are shared between the involved parties. It must be admitted that the process may not necessarily lead to minimising future operating costs as the focus is on decreasing the construction cost through functionality of the buildings. However, the client is happy about the choice of the contract conditions that bring a saving of 8% and keeps projects on a schedule.

    Objektil Arnestadis

    On site in Arnestad

    The data of the digital twin is relevant throughout the supply chain. One part of it is the construction material industry that needs a comparable system of requirements and standards. Cobuilder is focused on comparability of valid standards and their digitalisation. From their solutions (or analogues), major impact (new marketing and sales concept) is expected to the construction materials’ industry. Processes are addressed by Catenda AS, providing an international project management platform. Process management is facilitated by cloud-based approach and smart data visualisation.


    The construction sector is undergoing major changes. Novarc is there to apply innovation. Yesterday’s approach will not be efficient tomorrow. We welcome innovation, adaptation, flexibility and are open to new opportunities in order to create the best-built environment.

  • Novarc successful in competition Building Project of the Year 2018



    Tõrva town center team and friends (left to right): Reino Rass (project manager), Rene Tammist (Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology), Ott Alver and Mari Rass (architects), Kaitis Väär (Novarc’s Chairman of the Board) and Kalle Karron (EAACEC’s Managing Director). In the foreground – the award (chair by designer Triin Maripuu)


    On the gala that took place on 23 January 2019 in the Employers’ House, EAACECEEL and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications awarded the prizes for the Best Building Project of the Year, Best Civil Engineer of the Year and Best BIM Collaboration Project of the Year.

    Novarc was nominated in all categories (Best Building Project of the Year nominees, Best Civil Engineer of the Year nominees) and won in two:

    Best Building Project of the Year 2018 (facilities): Tõrva town center

    Best BIM Collaboration Project of the Year 2018: Viimsi State Gymnasium

    See article in Ehitusuudised:

    In the competition Best Building Project of the Year 2018 arranged by EAACEC the awards went to Arvo Pärt Center (buildings) and Tõrva town center (facilities). The title of the Best Civil Engineer of the Year 2018 issued by EEL was awarded to Karl Õiger.

  • Novarc: best building project and BIM collaboration project

    BIM_auhindOn the gala that took place on 23 January 2019 in the Employers’ House, EAACEC, EEL and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications awarded the prizes for the Best Building Project of the Year, Best Civil Engineer of the Year and Best BIM Collaboration Project of the Year.

    Novarc was nominated in all categories (Best Building Project of the Year nominees, Best Civil Engineer of the Year nominees) and won in two:

    Best Building Project of the Year 2018 (facilities): Tõrva town center

    Best BIM Collaboration Project of the Year 2018: Viimsi State Gymnasium

    Thanks to the teams that contributed!

  • Novarc is nominated on Best Concrete Building competition


    To the competition „Concrete Building of the Year 2018“ arranged by the Estonian Concrete Association and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia 23 nominees were submitted.

    Novarc participated in the design of four nominated buildings:

    Elering main building – Kadaka tee 42, Tallinn
    Rosen hotel/ residential/ office building – Roseni 9/11, Tallinn
    T1 Mall of Tallinn shopping and recreation center – Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn
    Tallinn new court house – Lubja 4, Tallinn

    The winner will be announced on the Estonian Concrete Day in March 2019.

    About the contest see Estonian Concrete Association


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