Ülemiste Shopping Centre won first place at an international competition

On the 19th of April, the winners of the competition for the best European Shopping Centres were announced. Ülemiste won first place and even preceded Maltepe Park in Istanbul.

Ülemiste won first place in the “best extension” category and according to the CEO of the shopping centre, this victory is not only a recognition for Ülemiste, but for Estonia in general. “The opportunity to compete at this level and forego Turkey who is a leader in Europe for the capacity of shopping centre investments, is a very big deal! It shows that Estonian shopping centres are among the best in Europe. A lot of work has been done and our efforts have been acknowledged, ” added Pärnits.

Before determining the winner, the international panel of judges visited all the shopping centres who made it into the final. In addition to interior and outward design, they also evaluated the overall management of the centre, customer service, economic results before and after the extension and its role in the society. “The judges were very thorough and got acquainted with our centre very well. The decision was made by the best professionals in their field, who have a vast experience with a lot of other shopping centres in Europe.”

Twelve shopping centres made it into the final of European Shopping Centre Awards. Competition was held in three separate categories: shopping centre extensions, new developments and formerly built shopping centres. The biggest competition for Ülemiste Shopping Centre was Maltepe Park in Istanbul, which has 75 000 m2 of space and 250 shops. The winners were announced at a yearly ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) congress in Milano.

The new and improved Ülemiste Shopping Centre was completed in 2014. After the renovation, the shopping centre became the biggest fashion and family centre in Estonia with 60 000 m2 of space. A lot of emphasis has been put on the selection of goods and food as well as interior design and creating a pleasant atmosphere. The owner and developer of Ülemiste Shopping Centre is Norwegian company Linstow AS.

Facts about ICSC and the competition:

  • International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) was founded in 1957.
  • It has over 60 000 members from 90 different countries. The members include shopping centre owners, developers and investors.
  • The European Shopping Centre Awards competition has been held since 1975.
  • Every year it awards remarkable and improved shopping centres
  • Competition has three separate categories: shopping centre extensions, new developments and formerly built shopping centres.
  • European Shopping Centre Awards is the most prestigious and important shopping centre competition in Europe.

Eleen Laasner
Postimees Tarbija

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