Novarc in BIM academy 2019

On 21 March a training day within the BIM academy arranged by the provider of business software solutions Usesoft took place. This year’s enhanced programme focused on essential BIM topics from creation of the model to further implementation throughout the building’s life cycle. From February till April there will be seven training days.

Mihkel Kaesveld from Novarc spoke in the building structures module. Through practical examplaes the clients and project managers that participated in the training got the idea of modelling the building structures and smart procurement. The training was based on BIM requirements as per EVS 932, RKAS 2018, COBIM 2012 and Novarc’s current practice.

Main topics: BIM_academy
• Design stages of building structures in model
• Requirements for the model of building structures
• Starting with design in model
• Collaboration between submodels
• Geometric model
• Analytic model
• Design documentation
• Presentation of model.

Based on discussions and feedback the clients are very interested in quality BIM projects. By involving professionals and implementing recognised terms of reference they are ready to contribute to more detailed information models – the goal being saving of resources within construction process and further operation period. By analysing the costs of potential errors and the marginal price of their resolving in model, the common understanding has been reached to build digitally first.

BIM academy 2019 programme and trainers

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EA Reng произвел полный ребрендинг всего концерна и теперь мы зовемся — Novarc. Это был шаг в нашем новом внешнем развитии, который был призван дополнить наше внутреннее технологическое развитие. Имя Novarc символизирует амбиции компании привести строительство, как одну из важных экономических сфер деятельности, на путь инноваций и внедрить, основанную на работу в модели или BIM технологии, сотрудничество всех участников проекта. см. видео о наших изменениях.