• Novarc granted a letter of thanks for the design of Rukkilille kindergarten


    Rukkilill_tanukiriOn September 24, Novarc received a letter of thanks for the design of Rukkilille kindergarten located at Vilisuu St 5, Tallinn. Novarc’s project manager is Indrek Kõlu, architect Katrin Kõlu.

    The client was Tallinna Linnavaraamet, reconstruction realized by contractor Ehitus5ECO.

  • Construction of the common building for internal security designed by Novarc completed


    The common building building for internal security located at A.H. Tammsaare Blvd. 61, Riia Rd. 127a and A.H. Tammsaare Blvd. 70, Pärnu, Estonia, has been completed. Novarc won the value-based public procurement for design in 2016. The client was State Real Estate (Riigi Kinnisvara AS). The architects are Martin Aunin, Annika Aasmaa and Marti Kahu, interior designer Urmo Vaikla. Novarc’s project managers were Reino Rass and Kätlin Simberg. It took over two years and 25 million euro to build. All internal security institutions are pleased with the new and modern working environment.

    For more see the news by Estonian Public Broadcasting

  • Film studio designed by Novarc received building permit


    On 16 August the studio complex of Tallinn film city received the building permit. The studio complex is planned as the first building of the TFW (Tallinn Film Wonderland) film city. It is located in Paljassaare, Tallinn, Estonia. The building will house three studios with the total area of 2621 m², the biggest 1300 m² (height 14 m). Each studio will be supplied with auxiliary rooms for film production and shooting. There will also be office premises for units related to film production The total useful area of the building is approx. 6200 m².

    The architects of the building are Lauri Laisaar and Inge Sirkel-Suviste.

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  • Novarc awarded Remote Work Badge


    Kaugtoo_tegijaRemote work has come to stay. In March 2020 when the lockdown started, we were well prepared. The means and options for remote work were there, so we only had to scale them to all employees. After the lockdown we have stuck to the hybrid WFH (work from home) model combining remote and in-house work.

    In order to mark the viability of this model we applied for the 2021 Remote Work Badge. The diploma we were granted says we are an efficient promoter of flexible work methods and a practitioner of remote working.

    For more see smartworks.ee



  • Novarc designs an annex to the Estonian Academy of Arts


    In the end of 2020, Novarc won the quality-based public procurement for the design of an annex to the Estonian Academy of Arts located at Kotzebue St 10, Tallinn.

    The building will house a monumental studio, digital printing studio, virtual reality studio, 3D printing space and a sustainable materials lab. The building will be three-storied plus one underground floor. By now the application for the building permit has been filed. The building will be opened next year.

    Architects are Martin Aunin, Annika Puust and Katrin Kõlu. The general designer’s project manager is Reino Rass.

    For more see Estonian Public Broadcasting

  • Novarc on Construction Technology Conference 2021


    On February, 10 the Construction Technology Conference arranged by Äripäev took place. Virgo Sulakatko, the chairman of the board of Novarc and vice-chairman of the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster addressed the topic of the future of construction technology.

    The Estonian engineering companies see challenges and opportunities in focusing their activities on generating higher value. Based on current prognoses the population of Tallinn will grow within coming decades. This will call for more new buildings. Digitalization enables automation of simpler repetitive actions that allows the engineers to focus on goals that fit their professional competence.

    “We have to manage with less staff while moving from cost-saving towards higher level of digitalisation and creation od added value. The key is automation so the engineers would not perform simple operations and could commit to activities leading to higher value,” said Sulakatko.

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  • New extension of Kõrveküla Basic School opened


    On 7 January the new building of Kõrveküla basic school was opened. It features an extension of 5200 m2 and the reconstruction of 1000 m2 of the existing building.

    The project was based on the winning competition work „ROOT ja JUUR“ of OÜ KAUSS Arhitektuur. In the design process the architects involved Novarc Group who provided the engineering disciplines and services of general designer. The contractor was KRC Ehitus.

    More about the design, construction and opening of the building see Kõrveküla blog.


  • New psychiatric clinic: Novarc is finalising the design

    The two-year design process of the new psychiatric clinic located at J.Sütiste tee 21, Tallinn, Estonia is under completion and the construction will start this year. Novarc, the general designer, involved a number of partners in the work. The major ones are AB Vaarpuu & Kõll (architecture), Pille Lausmäe SAB (interior design), IB Aksiaal (HVAC) and Rausi (electrical installations).

    For more see

  • New production complex of Tallinn City Theatre designed by Novarc opened


    On November 11 the new storage and production complex of Tallinn City Theatre was opened. The complex is located at Suur-Sõjamäe St 44a, Tallinn. The theatre is in the process of major development, of which the complex is the first phase. Thanks to the new complex the problems related to preparation of productions and storing of lots of theatrical values will be solved.

    The author of the building is architect Katrin Kõlu, project manager Indrek Kõlu. The design team lead by Novarc included IB Aksiaal OÜ (heating, ventilation, cooling), Nesselande OÜ (automation) and Vaimar Engineering OÜ (low current installations) as subcontractors.

    Constructive cooperation with the client Tallinn City Property Department and Tallinn City Theatre contributed to the success story of the project.


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  • Novarc Group will have a new CEO


    The supervisory board of Novarc Group, an architectural and consulting engineering company, approved a new management board that will take office in November 2020.

    The new management board will have two members: Virgo Sulakatko, Chairman of the Board and Head of Development and Finances. Ragnar Jõesaar will be Member of the Board and CEO.

    Ragnar Jõesaar: „Novarc Group has been one of the leaders in its field. We have been offering the services of main designer and complex services of architectural and engineering design starting 1990. Our team will continue on the same course as a leader in innovation and BIM modelling. In addition we will focus on fine-tuning of the efficiency of design activities.”

    The Novarc concern covers the complex of design and consulting of the whole construction project – from the sketch to facility management model. The company has been active for 30 years and can be considered the importer of BIM to Estonia.

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