• Novarc’s projects nominated in contest Estonian Concrete Building of the Year 2023


    22 buildings were submitted to the competition “Concrete Building of the Year 2023” organized by the Estonian Concrete Association and the Estonian Construction Materials Manufacturers’ Union, all of which were confirmed as nominees.

    Novarc has designed two of them:

    • Office building Tammsaare 56, Park Tondi, Tammsaare tee 56, Kristiine, Tallinn. General designer, project manager Hendrik Hagelberg
    • Joint building of Kiviõli Police and Border Guard Board and Rescue Board, Viru St 23, Kiviõli, Ida-Virumaa. General designer, project manager Reino Rass

    The winner will be announced on Concrete Day in March 2024.


    See press release by Estonian Concrete Association

  • Corner stone placed for the Kilingi-Nõmme internal security building designed by Novarc


    On January 12, the cornerstone was laid for the Kilingi-Nõmme joint building of internal security. After completion the building will house rescuers and police officers who will be provided with modern working conditions and a comfortable working environment resulting in rise of efficiency. The building is equipped with good training and exercise facilities, and all the necessary equipment and equipment can be stored and maintained better than before.

    The area of the building is 908 m2, training tower 53 m2 and shed 35 m2. The general designer is Novarc Group AS. Architects are Sirkel-Suviste and Reino Rass, interior designers Eeva Masso and Hene-Leen Rass, project manager Reino Rass.

    For more see press release of the client State Real Estate AS

  • The Construction of the film complex designed by Novarc will start in 2024


    A digital and multimedia incubator complex consisting of two buildings will soon be built on the Jõhvi Business Park area. Two film studios have been planned in one building, one of which, in addition to filmmaking, can also host concerts and conferences. The complex also includes a digital and multimedia incubator as a separate building, which is an office building with flexible space distribution, the purpose of which is to provide operating space for (start-up) companies of different sizes in the given field. The gross area of the entire complex is approx. 11 000 m2.

    The sketch and preliminary design of the complex has been prepared by Novarc Group. The architect is Lauri Laisaar, the project manager is Gerli Reiman.

    See news by Estonian Public Broadcasting

    See news by Põhjarannik

  • Kiviõli common building for internal security designed by Novarc opened


    On 22 September, the Kiviõli common building for internal security was opened. It increases the security of the entire region. At the opening, all participants emphasized the modernity of the building, contributing to improving the working conditions of policemen and rescuers. The building and the services provided there are also important for the local community. Architecturally, the building blends well into the local urban space.

    The building was designed by Novarc Group as general designer. The architects are Martin Aunin and Katrin Kõlu, project manager Reino Rass.

    For more information see the press release by the client, State Real Estate Ltd.


  • Designed by Novarc: Järve Center will have a new look by autumn


    The Järve Center located at Pärnu Rd 238 in Tallinn, Estonia, will be renovated. The center Tallinnas, Pärnu mnt 238 asuv Järve keskus uueneb. The center will have an upgraded exterior, new entrances and entrance stairs. Six new escalators will be installed, a lighted sidewalk will be built, bicycle parking will be expanded, recreation areas and shopping areas will be renewed.

    The design is prepared by Novarc. The architect is Lauri Laisaar, project manager Raiki Parts.

    For more see news by Postimees

  • Topping-off ceremony of the Kiviõli common building designed by Novarc


    On December 16, topping off was celebrated in the common building for Kiviõli Police and Border Guard Board and Rescue Board. The building has achieved its maximum height. It will be put into operation in 2023.

    The 1530 m² building was designed by Novarc. The project manager was Reino Rass, architects Martin Aunin and Katrin Kõlu, interior architects Lauri Laisaar and Hene-Leen Rass.

    The design of the building addresses its users’ needs. The building is energy efficient, has good internal climate, is modern and fits in urban environment.

    The contractor is OÜ Dreibau.

    For more see news by the client RKAS

  • Stockholm Square designed by Novarc under construction


    The engineering parts of Narva’s new main square, Stockholm Square, were designed by Novarc. The project manager is Raiki Parts. The architectural solution is based on the winning work of an architectural competition by KOKO Arhitektid.

    “Stockholm Square will become the heart of the old town of Narva. We have beautiful historic sites and they need to live so that everyone can see the true beauty of the city. I believe that Narva will soon change and become more attractive to tourists, investors and, of course, to our citizens as well”, said Mayor Katri Raik.

    OÜ RTS Infra Eesti and OÜ RTS Infraehitus won the public procurement organized to find a builder. The construction period is planned for 12 months.

    For more see

    Delfi business paper
    Information on the new Stochholm Square on Narva city web page
    News by Estonian Public Broadcasting

  • Corner stone placed for the E-Piim dairy plant designed by Novarc


    On 3 June, the corner stone was placed for the new high-tech E-Piim dairy plant located at Ruubassaare tee 12 in Paide, Estonia. The new plant with the total area f 32000 m2 will be completed in 2023.

    The design was prepared by Novarc Group. Architects are Lauri Laisaar and Inge Sirkel-Suviste. Project manager is Vallo Goroško. The construction main contractor is Nordecon.

    For more see Järva Teataja and Nordecon’s press release and listen to news on Estonian Public Broadcasting.

  • Ragnar Jõesaar from Novarc elected Chairman of the Board of EAACEC


    On 20 April 2022 the general meeting of the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies (EAACEC) took place. On the meeting the new board was elected. The first meeting of the new board was held on 4 May. There Ragnar Jõesaar, Member of the Board and CEO of Novarc Group AS was elected Chairman of the Board of EAACEC.

    According to the newly elected Chairman of the Board, the Association will continue to aim to improve the competitive environment in the design sector, including the introduction of value-based procurement and smart client principles. “Although the situation has slightly improved compared to a couple of years ago, public procurement is still mostly based on the lowest price, which in turn does not allow the contracting authorities to achieve the expected end result,” said Ragnar Jõesaar. “The opportunity to make things better is based on sufficient client awareness and the cooperation of the entire construction sector,” he added.

    On the attached photo (by Raul Mee) of the new board, Ragnar Jõesaar is the rightmost.EKELi uus juhatus_20.04.2022

  • Novarc will design Rail Baltica’s regional stations


    On February 17, Rail Baltic Estonia and Novarc Group signed the contract for the design of local stations and associated station buildings. Novarc will design the Kohila, Rapla and Järvakandi stations and provide typical design for all regional station buildings in Estonia. The completion of the design works is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

    For more see the press release by Rail Baltic Estonia

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