Novarc in Usesoft’s BIM seminar 2018


Mihkel Kaesveld, Novarc’s BIM Manager talked in Usesoft’s BIM seminar about the design process of a modern high school building for 540 students with the use of building information modelling.

Viimsi State Gymnasium is the first state gymnasium in Harju County. The area of the three-storied building is 4 150 m². It is mainly built of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) – used both in load bearing structures and finishing.

Thanks to the BIM a digital twin of the building was created. Within the model, clash control was realised. Further it served for retrieving building quantities and as a direct input to CLT production. One of the key benefits to the project and in design process in general is the skill of collaboration within the model, thus minimising the outdated and static emailing. The effect was boosted by applying the Big Room concept. As a result a low energy and operation cost building featuring great user experience was created.

Novarc applies BIM in all projects with the goal of best service to the client by involving all parties in the digital building before it is actually constructed. This – in higher detail — was also the case in Viimsi State Gymnasium.

The client is Riigi Kinnisvara AS (State Real Estate Ltd.). The design is based on the winning work “CLT” by Novarc Group AS and KAMP Arhitektid OÜ (Jan Skolimowski, Peeter Loo and Kaspar Kruuse). The contractor was Merko Infra AS. The construction cost was 5.1 Mio € (excl. VAT) financed by the European Regional Development Fund and national budget

Viimsi State Gymnasium

Usesoft BIM seminar

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EA Reng произвел полный ребрендинг всего концерна и теперь мы зовемся — Novarc. Это был шаг в нашем новом внешнем развитии, который был призван дополнить наше внутреннее технологическое развитие. Имя Novarc символизирует амбиции компании привести строительство, как одну из важных экономических сфер деятельности, на путь инноваций и внедрить, основанную на работу в модели или BIM технологии, сотрудничество всех участников проекта. см. видео о наших изменениях.