Novarc on Construction Technology Conference 2021

On February, 10 the Construction Technology Conference arranged by Äripäev took place. Virgo Sulakatko, the chairman of the board of Novarc and vice-chairman of the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster addressed the topic of the future of construction technology.

The Estonian engineering companies see challenges and opportunities in focusing their activities on generating higher value. Based on current prognoses the population of Tallinn will grow within coming decades. This will call for more new buildings. Digitalization enables automation of simpler repetitive actions that allows the engineers to focus on goals that fit their professional competence.

“We have to manage with less staff while moving from cost-saving towards higher level of digitalisation and creation od added value. The key is automation so the engineers would not perform simple operations and could commit to activities leading to higher value,” said Sulakatko.

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